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"Politicians don't bring people together. Artists do."

–Richard Daley


About us….

We are the creatives that live to create, the musicians that ride the harmonies, the poets that awaken the soul, and the community that fights for the change we want to see in the world.

The Pocket is a collective of

Artist + Musicians + Advocates + Creatives + entrepreneurs

we work collectively to create interactive and engaging experiences in the Los Angeles community.

TPLA provides a platform for Independent, and Under-represented Artist to convey their message and showcase their talents. Our mission is to bridge the gap between Art and Community. Art is at the core of who we are, and our community is the reason we exists. Whether you are attending our OPEN MIC, participating in our MUSIC & ARTS FESTIVAL, or in the Studio with our house band “Crucial Mood”, we aim to facilitate a sense of belonging and creativity. A space where you feel comfortable expressing candidly and intimately.

We welcome you to receive all that we have to offer.

The Pocket Collective hosts


Open Mics

Art & Music Festival

Outreach Programs

Artist Showcase


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